About us

Hey! We’re here to rock your perspective on Chicago and change your perception about the experience of helicopter travel. “Helicopter travel?” you might ask. Yeah. Helicopter travel.

We’re Chicago Helicopter Experience, and our name is what we do.

First, we’re based out of our own heliport literally 8 minutes from the Loop. Second, we have a fleet of state-of-the-art helicopters and pilots ready to serve you. And last, we know it’s all about YOUR experience -- be it an awe-inspiring tour of this great city, a quick shuttle to O’Hare, or even a private charter.

We’re focused on providing you the best experience from the moment you log on to our website until you step out of the aircraft after your flight.  Our people, professionalism, and passion for what we do translate into making sure it’s not just a helicopter tour or trip, but a unique, exhilarating travel experience. There are many ways to see and traverse the city, but only one -- Chicago Helicopter Experience -- makes it amazing.

So...do you want a daytime, twilight, or evening view of Chicago to impress your partner, client, or guests? Or an air transfer to O’Hare? Or simply an easy and cool way of getting where you need to go in the Great Lakes region? Fly with us, Chicago Helicopter Experience, and propel around Chicago like never before.